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Best Facials for the Wintertime

Best Skin Treatments for Winter

Winter Skincare

The colder months can be challenging for your skin, so consider the different kinds of facials you can get this winter to add a layer of support on top of your regular skincare routine.

Steam Treatment

A steam facial is a relaxing option that cleans your skin by hydrating the outer cells, opening and clearing your pores, and evening your tone. This simple kind of facial is an effective winter choice to keep your skin in good shape, especially for those whose skin is oily or naturally well-hydrated.

Moisturizing Facial

As temperatures decrease, there is less water vapor in the air, and the moisture in our skin evaporates more quickly, drying us out. Moisturizing facials use deep-penetrating ingredients to help your skin produce strong tissue that holds onto moisture longer.

Acne Facial

If you have acne-prone skin, winter weather may encourage certain breakout-prompting conditions. When the weather is dry, you might be using more moisturizer than usual, which can build up and clog pores if not thoroughly cleansed. Flaky skin also contributes to buildup and breakouts. Getting a facial as an acne treatment or for prevention will help keep your skin exfoliated and your pores clear.

Anti-Aging Facial

Aging prevention can start at any age, and winter weather will contribute to accelerating this process on our skin if we don’t take care. When the cold air and wind dries out our skin, the flaky skin that can clog our pores can also add to wrinkle formation, which happens when creases form from a buildup of dead skin or from a weakening of the skin’s volume. Facials can be formulated to volumize and exfoliate, easing the appearance of wrinkles and loosening skin. Age spots and discoloration from buildup can be treated with facials as well.

Brightening Facial

If you want your face to be especially vibrant for a wintertime event or you feel like you need a brightening refresher during the darker months, several facials can leave your skin glowing. Some focus on exfoliation, like chemical peels and microdermabrasion, which reveal healthy skin below the top layer of dead cells. Other facials can be formulated to deliver vitamins A or C to promote healthy cell turnover and skin firmness.

Chemical Peel

A chemical peel facial treatment is a popular facial that is a deep exfoliator. This facial uses an acidic solution that can be formulated to be a very light toning, lifting dirt and dead cells on the outermost layer of your skin, or a stronger solution for deeper penetration to lift dead layers and expose younger skin below.


Another option this winter is microdermabrasion, an exfoliating treatment that is performed by hand with a buffing tool. After cleansing your face, the specialist uses the tool to polish off dead skin, raised buildup, age spots, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections that can be dulled with physical abrasion.

Schedule Your Winter Facials

Getting a facial at any time of the year is a reinforcement of your normal routine and a deep cleaning that helps keep your skin in the best shape possible. Set up an appointment with one of our dermatologists today and stay on top of your skincare this winter!

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