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LaTasha Wells, Esthetician

Meet LaTasha Wells, a seasoned Licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist with a rich background spanning over a decade in the beauty industry. LaTasha’s journey began with a profound goal – to establish herself in a Dermatology office, where she could combine her passion for skincare with a healing touch.

Dedicating herself to the art and science of skincare, LaTasha embodies the motto “Caring for skin with a healing touch.” Her lifelong passion for skincare has been a driving force in her career, fueling a commitment to staying abreast of the latest and most innovative services in the industry.

As a Certified Acne Specialist, LaTasha brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Southeast Dermatology Specialists. She has advanced training in microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, and a diverse range of modalities and peels, making her a multifaceted professional in the realm of skincare.

LaTasha’s approach is centered on enhancing your natural beauty. She works closely with each patient, aiming to understand and address their unique skincare concerns and goals. With a commitment to continuous learning and professional development, LaTasha ensures that her services are at the forefront of industry trends.

Step into LaTasha’s care, where the focus is on guiding you towards your best skin possible. Your skincare journey is personal, and LaTasha is here to provide tailored services that align with your individual needs. Come experience the transformative touch of a skincare specialist who is not only passionate about the science of beauty but also dedicated to helping you achieve radiant, healthy skin.

LaTasha sees patients in:

Rome, GA – Rome Dermatology

Rome, GA – Rome Dermatology

Rome DermatologyAt Southeast Dermatology Specialists in Rome, we offer medical, surgical, cosmetic, and pediatric dermatology services. Our dermatology physicians, providers, and...

Atlanta, GA – Sandy Springs

Atlanta, GA – Sandy Springs

Sandy SpringsAt Southeast Dermatology Specialists in Sandy Springs, we offer medical, surgical, cosmetic, and pediatric dermatology services. Our dermatology physicians,...

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