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5 Best Ways to Avoid Heat Rash

Nothing ruins your fun in the sun quite like heat rash. Want to know how to prevent this irritating skin condition? Here are five excellent tips to help you do just that.

Know the Symptoms

It’s difficult to prevent a condition you know nothing about. So before learning how to treat a rash like this, let’s review some basic heat rash knowledge.

Heat rash occurs in hot, humid environments, and it is the result of producing too much sweat. The sweat becomes trapped underneath the skin, blocking your sweat glands. When your pores can’t clear out that sweat, a rash forms as a result of the blockage. If you’re concerned about heat rash, make sure you’re checking areas like the groin, the neck, underneath the breasts, elbow creases, and underarms. These and any other areas where skin rubs against skin are prime real estate for this skin rash.

Heat rash is sometimes called miliaria or prickly heat as a result of the symptoms it causes. Most often characterized by redness, itching and hives, and even prickly or tingling sensations, this condition is incredibly common, especially in infants and children. It’s also preventable. Here’s how you can avoid feeling the prickly pain of heat rash.

Wear Loose, Breathable Clothing

Loose clothing that doesn’t stick to your skin is the best wardrobe choice for preventing heat rash. In addition, you should make an effort to avoid long sleeves and itchy fabrics. Consider cotton, linen, and silk as your ideal clothing options.

Maintain a Cool Environment

Air conditioning is going to be your best bet in avoiding heat rash. Maintaining a cool environment prevents sweat, which in turn prevents heat rash. If you have to leave your house at some point in the day, consider bringing a small personal fan, packing some cold compresses, or even keeping a few ice packs on hand.

Avoid Intense Exercise in Hot Weather

Hot, humid weather already makes you sweat. Why add exercise to the mix, which could make you even more prone to heat rash? If you can’t skip that workout, consider going to an air conditioned gym. Alternatively, you could plan your workout for early in the morning or late in the evening when the temperature is milder.

Maintain Clean Skin

If you want to prevent heat rash, don’t skip your skincare routine. Keeping your skin clean can help your pores and sweat glands function more effectively without the risk of getting clogged up. Make sure you’re drying yourself thoroughly after a shower or an intense workout session, too.

Reduce Skin-to-Skin Contact

It might be tempting to wear a tank top and short shorts when it’s hot, but reducing skin-on-skin friction is one or the best ways to avoid heat rash. Consider wearing loose shirts with short sleeves and longer shorts. Not only will this help prevent chafing, but you’ll avoid heat rash as well.

The best heat rash treatment is prevention. If you want more tips or information on heat rash treatment or prevention, contact SE Dermatology Specialists today.

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